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Inner Ranting of a Dance Student

Shit…. We’re really doing a partner number today? I hate partnering…. Too much pressure. I say this of course without any experience in the matter. So I guess I hate the idea of partnering. What if I can’t keep up? What if my partner gets frustrated because I’m not learning fast enough? What if I step on my partners’ toes or accidently smack the poor soul’s face while trying to get the right hit?

What if no one wants to partner me at all?

Ok Jaime, time to focus. The warm-up’s almost finished. Oh, Melisa is looking at me. What did she just say? Arg, I’m not coordinated enough to read her lips and follow the stretches. I’ll just smile…. Wait a second…. Did she just ask to be my partner? She wants to be my partner? (Sigh… relief)

She wants to be my partner!? (Gasp… panic sets in)

Ok, I’m shorter which means I get to be the “girl”. Good, I can do that. I can be a girl. Wait, crap! That means I have to be the girl! Does that mean I have to be sexy?!? Maybe not…. We’re dancing to Motown… Not that kind of vibe….

But of course Giulia makes us spin around when it could have just as easily been a “1-2 step”. Damn my short genes!

OK… this is OK. I’m getting it… well, except the parts that we do facing the wall. I should really stop for one run-through to make sure I know what I’m doing. But if I stop I’ll probably forget everything. Is it possible to forget everything while at the same time feeling like you don’t know anything?

Whatever, I’ll just pretend for that count of 8.

Ok, I think my head knows the whole dance. At least that’s one competent body part……… My ears are still very confused. Why can’t I hear the beat we start on? I know we move on 3…. Why can’t I count to 3? Do we step on “you wanna’” or “but I”?……….. My feet haven’t quite been paying attention. What else is new? Exhale and sing the dance class mantra: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”… Dammit, I missed the beginning of the song that time! That’s it, no more singing in my head!

Jynx? Did Giulia just say “Jynx”? That’s me…. I don’t want to dance in a small group. I don’t know what I’m doing! Can’t back down though, not fair to my partner. I guess I’m going in! Back right corner, here I come! How does the dance start again? Ooops, messed up the whole second count of 8. Can’t stop laughing….. Jaime, stop laughing!

What? Class is over already? Sigh…..

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