Tripoli Studios Inc.

As the only all-drop in studio in Montreal, Tripoli Studios Inc. strives to offer a variety of classes and styles to challenge, motivate and engage professional and amateur dancers alike. Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills or an amateur dancer who has always wanted to try out a class, this is the place for you.

Established in 2011 with the motto “this world has no outsiders”, Tripoli Studios Inc. is dedicated to being a safe space to learn and explore. Because we have no competitive teams and no registered classes, every choreography is designed to be a chance to learn and grow. Teachers are hand-picked, creating a team of supportive and professional staff ready to help, coach, motivate and celebrate.

With a schedule that changes monthly, workshops by international names in the industry and a regular staff dedicated to making Tripoli Studios a home, there’s no better place to get moving.

Come see for yourself why we call ourselves a family. 

Giulia Tripoli


Giulia Tripoli has been dancing, choreographing and creating on local, national and international stages since 2008. Building a career based on respect for the discipline and passion for the art, dance has been her vehicle for change both in herself and in those she is fortunate enough to teach. Through her personal work with artists like Lukay and Paul Lizzi and behind the scenes as the founder of both Tripoli Studios Inc. and its Agency of 60 professional dancers, she has developed a reputation in the industry for precision, professionalism and polish. Her studio has become a Montreal staple for any dancer looking to train in an open and accepting environment and those who participated in the 6th annual Tripoli Studios original production are proof that her methods produce the finest performers. Most recently, Giulia has graciously accepted positions as a judge for the JFK Foundation’s Dancing with the Stars Gala and the Move With The Beat competition, as a regular visiting teacher at Millenium Dance Complex Toronto, The Industry and R2D Homegrown Intensives and as a repeated invited guest at Articien - Montreal Choreographers Showcase. While always appreciative for the opportunities to create for events like WeDay and Mini Pop Kids, Giulia continues to nurture her love of performance by participating in the Montreal Pride Parade for MAC Cosmetics and dancing for Fafa Khan at Ile Soniq. Her unique style has become a trademark for the growth and innovation that can exist in the dance industry.

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